Circle 21 produces handmade candles that are fresh, clean and uncomplicated–just like we want our lives to be. Their deep love of travel inspires each fragrance and it shows–Light one and you're instantly transported away from the chaos of every day life.

Producing a natural, quality product, and doing things the right way is a family tradition. Our candles are long lasting, clean burning and come in a variety of hand-picked fragrances.
Janet Coffman

Process & Materials

Every step of Circle 21's candle making process is done by hand, including stamping of fragrance names to labels and the hot iron branding of the logo to the cork. The containers are made from used wine bottles gathered locally from restaurants and bars, and each is cleaned, cut and sanded by hand. They use only the highest grade soy and fragrance oils available, and an all cotton wick for a clean burning, long lasting candle. 

Responsible design

Here’s how this product leaves a lighter footprint

  • Recycled Materials
  • Low Impact Process