After a trip to India led to a chance meeting with a local cobbler, Michael Paratore finally decided to quit his job as a corporate lawyer to follow what inspired him.  The result is Mohinders– handwoven leather shoes ethically made in India by expert artisans.   With an authentic style spawned directly from the streets of Mumbai, Mohinders has upgraded their particular version to be both incredibly comfortable and durable enough to handle the every day wear and tear of city living.    Their naturally (vegetable) tanned leather is soft, elegant, and only looks better with age.  Mohinders is a staunch advocate for traditional Indian arts and is committed to providing employment at  fair wages to talented local artisans and entrepreneurs.  

We believe in giving back. But we strongly believe that the best way to give back is by Sourcing Right... working with skilled entrepreneurs in India and ensuring they are paid fairly.
Michael Paratore

Process & Materials

All of Mohinders City Slippers are handmade by second and third generation shoemaking artisans, with most of the production taking place in their own homes with tools created just to make these shoes. The vegetable-tanned water-buffalo leather is hand-tanned in artisan’s own front-yard-turned-micro-tanneries making this process truly unique.

Additionally, Mohinders believes in giving back through Sourcing Right, and partners with a local cooperative monitored by an India-based NGO to ensure that these incredibly skilled artisans in India are paid fairly.

Responsible design

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