Alpaca Beanie (Heather Char)

Industry of All Nations

Alpaca hat heather char
Alpaca hat heather char 2

Alpaca Beanie (Heather Char)

Industry of All Nations

IOAN Alpaca hats feature only virgin colors natural to the Alpaca. This means that they are untouched by any dyes. We asked ourselves "why do we need to modify something that is already naturally beautiful?" We chose to stick with the virgin colors of the Alpaca because it reduces the impact that petrochemical dyes have on the environment and also shows that we not only have the choice, but also the responsibility to preserve our planet.

Material: 100% Alpaca Fiber 

Color: Heather Char—only virgin fibers, no dye

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    Industry of All Nations - Juan Diego Gerscovich

    Wearing vibrant colors should not come at the cost of tainting our natural resources. By issuing constraints on dyeing and washing processes not only can we assure "Clean Clothes" touch our skin—but cleaner rivers, oceans, soil and air as well.

    The Industry of All Nations Clean Clothes Project is the evolution of apparel production being developed in the South of India, dedicated to the manufacturing of garments in a sustainable way. 100% Indian organic cotton, 100% natural dyes, water, and biodegradable soap or vinegar are used for the dyeing and finishing of I.O.A.N. products. All garments are colored in "dips" of natural pigments, namely indigo—resulting in some of the more beautiful and stunning colors we have seen in a garment in recent history. 

    Process & Materials

    Industry of All Nations developed its “clean” products to create  soft and most natural basics that are naturally dyed with plant and mineral pigments. All products are packaged in 100-percent-recycled bags also made in India.