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Scullery Soap

Hudson Made

This cleansing soap made from locally harvested ingredients is perfectly suited for hands and forearms hard at work in the kitchen. Beeswax soap is a harder, longer lasting, tough soap that helps hands resist dryness and irritation caused by frequent washing. Leaves skin smooth and clean, ready to rustle up a meal or indulge in one.

Part of the working class culture since the Middle Ages, scullery soap would often appear in the servants’ quarters or kitchen annex as a utilitarian scrubbing bar. Hudson Made’s scullery soap pays homage to the tradition of the homestead and works well on all of your rough spots. It’s a soap for anyone who possesses a multitudinous passion for the kitchen or a hard day’s work—and for whatever those efforts may yield.

Not intended for pots, pans, or face.

Locally harvested Geranium Oil, Mineral Salt, Natural Beeswax

5.5 oz.

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Responsible design

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  • Locally Sourced
  • Animal Friendly
  • Low Impact Process

Meet the designer

Celebrate the American Artisan

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Hudson Made - Bill Hovard

Quality means knowing a product's story, which means knowing the artisan who crafted it, knowing from where the product came and how far it traveled, and knowing what makes this product unique and how it can enhance your life. At Hudson Made, that story begins with founder Bill Hovard, a true craftsman whose mission is to "reinvigorate the marketplace with unique, carefully crafted products made locally in the Hudson Valley of upstate NY, where America's very own narrative began." Bill approaches the design and creation of everything he produces with a precision, attention to detail and skill that serve as a testament and celebration of the old-school American artisan. The aesthetic is simple, the execution impeccable, and the result something simultaneously vintage and yet undeniably modern.

Process & Materials

Hudson Made celebrates the American artisan and harkens back to a time when craftsmanship and quality were valued above machinery and quantity.  Thus, all Hudson Made products are handcrafted with thought, care and skill that is evident in the most minute detail of the finished product.

In an effort to support local economies, Hudson Made favors regionalism and aims to source as many products and ingredients as possible from within 100 miles of the Hudson Valley, NY area, which they call home.  There are, however, exceptions to be made for those people and things that uphold the Hudson Made values and standards, and they are welcomed.