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Sword & Plough

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Sword & Plough

Sword & Plow's signature piece and the "go to" bag in military – the rucksack! Two-tone olive and forest green. A beautifully hand-crafted unisex durable backpack for all occasions. Made from waterproof sleeping bag bivies, laundry bags and accented with American leather. Includes padded shoulder straps, a camo cinch to ensure your gear will stay dry, and a waterproof laptop sleeve.

All of our bags are Made in the America with a significant portion of each product made from repurposed military surplus material. There is a chance that material color may vary slightly from bag to bag. That is the beauty of upcycled military surplus. Each piece of surplus carries a unique legacy that is visible in its slight color variations. Be confident that your bag will look similar to those shown in the above picture, but be aware that slight color variations are what make our bags so beautiful and one-of-a-kind.


Base Dimensions not including the straps: 18" x 5" x 11"

Weight: 2lbs 7 oz

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Responsible design

Here’s how this product leaves a lighter footprint

  • Gives Back
  • Low Impact Process
  • Recycled Materials

Meet the designer

Transforming military materials through peaceful civilian applications

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Sword & Plough - Emily and Betsy Núñez

As one of only three Army ROTC cadets studying in the bucolic setting of Middlebury College, co-founder of Sword & Plough Emily Núñez sometimes found it difficult to relate her military commitment to her fellow classmates; many of whom had never even met someone that served in the military. Born into a West Point military family and having grown up watching their dad lead early morning battalion runs, Emily and her sister Betsy wanted to create something that would emotionally and physically touch civilians in their everyday lives and remind them, in a beautiful way, of the challenges our country and servicemen face. Since most people use a bag of some form throughout their day, Emily and Betsy had the idea to recycle and repurpose military gear with a fashionable touch into new bags. They work with veterans to create a variety of sturdy and sophisticated bags and other products, whose sale empowers veteran employment, reduces waste, and strengthens civil-military understanding. 

Process & Materials

The name "Sword and Plough" originates from the ancient saying "to turn swords into plowshares" and refers to the act of turning military technologies and materials into peaceful, civilian applications.