Vintage Brown Leather iPhone 5 Case

Dock Artisan

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Vintage Brown Leather iPhone 5 Case

Dock Artisan

Your iPhone 5 deserves a gorgeous case and this slick unit is just the ticket. It's hand stitched & assembled with genuine vintage brown leather. The premium leather backs a soft feel polycarbonate shell that will protect your iPhone's corners and sides. Screen saver & shammy included.

This case also works with Dock Artisan leather wallet case.

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Dock Artisan - Joel Young

We at Purible are obsessed with compelling design. Sometimes however, it's simply hard to top the raw visuals that nature itself provides. We're guessing that the folks at Dock Artisan, a team of skilled artisans and designers based in the Sierra Nevada Region of northern California, would agree. Founded by Joel and Iris Young in 2011, Dock Artisan has been handcrafting pretty stunning iPhone and iPad docks, speakers, and cases from fallen and standing-dead trees found and reclaimed in the local forest. Whether made from Oak, Redwood, or driftwood, each Dock Artisan piece is completely one-of-a kind and showcases the beauty of nature enhanced, just a bit, by human contact.

Process & Materials

Every year massive storms rip through the California Sierra Nevada Mountains, toppling trees and breaking off limbs. Dock Artisan harvests nearly all of their wood from fallen, re-claimed, re-purposed, and standing dead trees, with some products also made from found driftwood or sustainable bamboo. Each product is then individually designed and masterfully handcrafted. "We give this wood a new life with purpose, making every single dock an original, one of a kind treasure." - Dock Artisan