A vegan protein drink that legitimately tastes great and goes down like water? Yeah, we were skeptical too. Then we tried Botan, the game-changing creation of avid surfer and plant nutrition expert Edward Cannan. Edward became obsessed with the benefits of plant-based nutrition while rehabbing from a serious sports injury that left him hospitalized and in no shape to catch the huge waves he had traveled the world to ride. That's when Edward took it upon himself to create Botan - a unique plant-based beverage that delivers 12 grams of soluble vegetable protein with just 110 calories in every bottle. Unlike most thick, gritty, dairy laden protein shakes that many of us force ourselves to choke back after a hard workout, the 12 grams of plant-based protein in every bottle of Botan is completely soluable (giving it the consistency and lightness of a sports drink) and also allowing for easy absorption into the bloodstream so you'll never feel bloated. In three suprisingly tasty flavors and always with no chemical or hard to pronounce ingredients.

Botan believes that plant-based nutrition is the key to health, both for your body and for the planet. BOTAN beverages provide sustainable protein and vitamins that won’t weigh you down, are easy for your body to assimilate, and will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied.
Edward Cannan

Process & Materials

Botan has captured the essential goodness of the humble pea and created the first 100% soluble, non-GMO, never gritty or chalky, purely delicious protein that is used in all Botan drinks. Pea protein has essential amino acids that your body cannot produce and which are crucial in the production of all your cells. They are rich in BCAAs (branch chained amino-acids), which delay fatigue during exercise; they contain arginine, which enhances immunity; and they are rich in lysine, which promotes bone health. With twelve grams of plant protein, along with vitamins C, B-6, and B-12, and all-natural sweeteners in every bottle, BOTAN’s innovative beverages are the delicious, preservative-free way to stay fit and healthy. Always 100% vegan, 100% gluten-free.

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