Casual, Comfortable, Sophisticated, Authentic: In short, the perfect summer shoe. That's what Cavilani founder (and current Miami resident) Juan Rodriguez Freire set out to create when he visited his family's native Spain and began working with a local group of artisans handcrafting a line of traditional Spanish espadrilles updated with an aesthetic that is both clean and modern. The result is a comfortable, lightweight, breathable, easy to wear shoe perfect for any occasion. In Juan's own words: "Our obsession and passion drive us to continue creating excellent espadrilles and in doing so also help perserve a way of life... Here at Cavilani we make espadrilles, and we do it remarkably well."

Inspired by the Mediterranean way of life blended with a touch of personal style, Cavilani has redefined the once humble espadrille with fresh, clean designs using premium all-natural European materials.
Juan Rodriguez Freire

Process & Materials

Each and every Cavilani espadrille is handcrafted by a group of artisans in northern Spain, with the entire production process from start to finish contained within a 20 mile radius. Caviliani has made it their mission to keep production in Spain, pay fair wages to these individual craftsmen, and support the local community and their artisinal tradition. All fabrics and materials are 100% natural. The body of the shoe is made from either cotton, linen, or suede and is sure to be cooler and more breathable than most synthetic fibers. The soles are made from natural rubber (in fact more heat resitant than synthetic rubber) and jute, a natural vegetable fiber which does not require pesticides harmful to the environment and is 100% biodegradable. All materials are 100% recycleable.  

Responsible design

Here’s how this product leaves a lighter footprint

  • Locally Sourced
  • Low Impact Process
  • Recycled Materials