Sometimes innovation comes in seemingly humble packages. Enter Slicky Notes, the simple, logical, convenient upgrade over traditional sticky notes. Harnessing a stable electrostatic charge, these inexpensive, reusable notes adhere to any flat surface without the use of glue and last for weeks (from personal experience in the Purible office we've actually seen SlickyNotes last for months.) Without relying on adhesives means that each note can be moved almost endlessly without losing it's ability to adhere, can be erased and used again with the proper marker, and can be used on both sides. We're not blowing smoke and claiming that these notes are going to change your life, but they will save you time and headaches by making organization easier and more convenient, and you'll be supporting the environment while you do it. The equation is simple: if you are already using traditional sticky notes, Slicky Notes are better.

An upgrade over your everyday sticky notes while being economically and environmentally sustainable.

Process & Materials

Eco Static is committed to sourcing products from environmentally responsible manufacturers, fostering the recycling of their products, and promoting sustainable business practices. They strive to price products at levels that makes them broadly accessible, while employing fair business practices to take care of their employees and their families. When you are finished using a Slicky Note, they are 100% recyclable. However, since they are so durable and easy to reuse, you'll find youself using the same note far longer than you are accustomed. Slicky Notes is a family owned business founded by successful serial entrepreneur Nelson Pizarro and his son Nelson Pizarro II (currently of MLS fame playing for the San Diego Flash.)

Responsible design

Here’s how this product leaves a lighter footprint

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