Yeah, we're big homers, but the fact that they are located in the same Hudson Valley where we grew up has nothing to do with our respect and appreciation for what husband and wife team Dana and Michael Eudy are doing down on their beautiful farm. Field Apothecary is a homegrown herb farm operating with the belief that good food & drink are the best medicine, and that the right herbs prepared in the right ways can greatly enhance health & well-being. Though they offer an extensive selection of tonics, tinctures, salves, teas, bitters and more, every single thing produced by Field is done so with a distinct care, purpose, and attention to detail that is evident in their effectiveness and quality. In Dana's words, "We are land stewards - we understand that the earth gives as much goodness as it recieves."

"There is the need for herbs that are grown with intention in the US. Everything on our farm is ecologically & sustainably grown, harvested & processed by hand allowing us to provide the freshest, most potent, custom created signature herbal remedies."

Process & Materials

All of Field's herbs are ecologically and sustainably grown, harvested and processed by hand. Through rain water harvesting, they rely solely on nature's rythmns to provide water to their farm rather than implementing heavy irrigation. They utilize minimal tillage techniques, companion planting, crop rotation & green manuring to maintain fertility. Dana and Michael believe in community, and through their Healthy Care initiave invite people to spend time on their beautiful property learning how to incorporate herbs into their daily practice to bring about a more balanced lifestyle.

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