Two truths: 1) Being without your smart phone for even a day or two feels like you are marooned on a desert island 2) Traditional plastic protective cases take centuries to decompose and add significantly to the waste we all produce. Protect your mobile device with a sleek, strong, sustainably produced mobile case from Innovez. These forward thinking designers focus on utilizing advanced sustainable materials and environmentally responsible techniques to create expressive, intuitively functional, and durable products that enhance the lives of their customers. When asked about their company ethos, the folks at Innovez answered "We believe that it’s time to shatter this notion that eco-friendly products cannot be beautifully designed." We grant you our blessing to shatter at will...

We create products for the modern user that are smart, beautiful, and environmentally conscious.
Roimon Hepburn

Process & Materials

Conventional plastics, which occupy 25% of landfill space worldwide, do not easily biodegrade and may last in the environment for centuries. When burned, plastics release toxic pollutants that have a significant effect on our air quality. The Innovez solution: biodegradable plastics which can easily breakdown and be absorbed by air, water, and soil. The accelerated biodegradable properties of their smartphone cases are attributed to a state-of-the art compound called EcoPure. Already FDA approved, EcoPure is a 100% organic material that is blended into the plastic during the manufacturing process, resulting in products that have an indefinite shelf life, yet quickly biodegrade when discarded into a landfill or compost facility.

Responsible design

Here’s how this product leaves a lighter footprint

  • Recycled Materials
  • Gives Back