We begin our tale with the ever-so-sweet Momo being devoured by bugs. Bad way to start a story, but trust us, this one has a happy ending. Fed up with traditional toxic and chemical smelling repellants, husband and wife team Melissa (Momo) and Michael Fensterstock set out to create a high-end botanical fragrance that also served to ward off insects. The result was Aromaflage. Inspired by aromatic essential oils native to the Southeast Asian tropics, Aromaflage taps into the well documented tradition of using botanical extracts to repel insects. Combining notes of citrus fruit, warm cedarwood, silken vanilla, & nourishing Vitamin E, no longer must you forgo cologne or perfume for fear of bug bites. Equally effective while on a trek through the woods or just enjoying a summer evening cocktail on the patio, Aromaflage is an innovative fragrance that offers a healthy way to stay fresh while enjoying any outdoor-chic lifestyle.

We believe in living an outdoor, chic lifestyle and provide only healthy products that will enrich ones quality of life.
Michael and Melissa Fensterstock

Process & Materials

Aromaflage responsibly imports components from Asia, Europe, and the USA and are devoted to partnering with organizations that provide jobs, education, and empowerment to those at the Bottom of the Pyramid, the 3 billion people living on less than a dollar a day. Every bottle is carefully assembled here in the U.S. to ensure the highest quality finished product. Aromaflage's partner in Southeast Asia supports young Shan women refugees from the Burmese jungle, many of whom are seeking refuge from harsh living conditions and are in search of a better life. They work to help legalize these refugee women, teach them artisan skills, and provide housing, and education within a work environment that encourages self-expression, learning, and collaboration.

Responsible design

Here’s how this product leaves a lighter footprint

  • Gives Back
  • Animal Friendly
  • Low Impact Process