The words "well-designed" should not just apply to a product's appearance. For Purible, successful design is evidenced by the seamless blend of form and function and serves to highlight the creative interplay between technological innovation and appealing aesthetic. In short, good looks are worthless if the product doesn't perform. Enter Solar JOOS and the JOOS Orange portable solar charger, quite simply the best, most powerful portable solar charger on the planet. This is design that MATTERS. Durable and water proof, the JOOS Orange's patented low-light curcuitry charges in real-world light conditions (shade, overcast sky, light rain, low light.) Furthermore, it's fast: Only 1 hour in the sun will give you enough charge to talk for 2 hours on your iPhone, and a full JOOS holds enough energy to fully charge your phone 2.5 times. Whether hiking a mountain or in the midst of a power outage, keep all of your portable electronics up and running with clean, efficient, off-the-grid solar power.

The JOOS Orange is built for the REAL world. A world that isn't always sunny and where things get dropped onto hard surfaces or sometimes even into the water. Whatever part of of the world you find yourself in, JOOS Orange will be there ready to perform.

Process & Materials

A Wired Magazine Editor's Pick this past February, JOOS received a 9/10 review score with the closest competitor only mustering 6/10. The main "engine" driving the JOOS's success lies in it's photovoltaics (how it captures the suns energy) as well as it's patented low-light circuitry. The JOOS uses the highest efficiency commercially available, monocrystalline solar cell with silicon nitride, anti-reflective coating. With the solar cells connected in parallel, it will provide power even when shaded. Additionally, the cells are encapsualted in urethane to provide durability, long-life, high transmissivity (no yellowing), and waterproofing. Weighing in at only 1.5 lbs, you can add additional reflectors to improve power production by an additional 50%. FCC A+B, CE, RoHS certified

Responsible design

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